The MentorMe Career assessment delves into:

Individuality Profile

We dive deeper into your personality traits, learning style, and values. This self-awareness is crucial for identifying work environments that will bring you satisfaction and success.

Passion Exploration

We explore your interests and hobbies, but also uncover hidden talents you might not have realized. This helps connect your passions to potential career paths you might not have considered.

Skill Proficiency

Skill proficiency assessment evaluates your current skillset and identifies areas for development. This assessment is the key to unlocking your future career choice.

Career Assessment Test for Class 9th - 12th Grade Students

Benefits of the Test

Taking this assessment unlocks a world of benefits that will empower you on your career journey


Gain valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses, forming a strong foundation for informed decision-making.

Right subject stream

Self-assessment helps in choosing the ideal subject stream and education board, that suits your interests and aspirations.

Clarity in Career Goals

Explore a variety of exciting career paths that align with your unique profile, helping you develop a clearer vision for your future.

Informed Decision-Making

The assessment empowers you to make informed choices about your education and future career path.

Career Exploration

Discover new possibilities and hidden talents, expanding your horizons for career exploration.

Career Development

Start building a strong foundation for your future career path early on.

This assessment is your first step towards creating a fulfilling and successful career path

Career Compass Evaluation

The results of our Career Assessment would be a comprehensive analysis of your Passion exploration, Individuality Profiling, and Skill Proficiency. Our report equips you with a plethora of career recommendations specially crafted to resonate with your skills, interests, and values.

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Career Library

Learn more about the career recommendations included in your Career Compass Evaluation with our comprehensive Career Library. Our Career Library is a one-stop resource for in-depth exploration of various career paths.

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This is a question that’s encountered by most 10th graders. Don’t worry as our comprehensive career guidance program is designed to identify your strengths across different subjects, your interests, and your future career aspirations. Our expert counselors will guide you in choosing the most suitable education board and subject stream to fit your career aspirations. They'll help you explore various career options to discover your ideal academic and career paths.

Feeling uncertain about ‘what to study after 12th ‘is a normal part of the transition from high school to higher education. We can help you navigate this uncertainty and make informed decisions about your future academic and career paths. With our professional assistance, you'll gain confidence in identifying ideal courses and colleges suited to your aspirations. Further, the admission counselors at MentorMe help in simplifying the complexities of entrance exams and college admission, both in India and abroad.

Our experts guide you in choosing study abroad programs that align with your academic goals, interests, and budget. We help students select appropriate programs, navigate the application process, prepare for admission tests and build profile for college admission.

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