How MentorMe can help?

Career Assessments

Our Career Assessment would be a comprehensive analysis of your Passion exploration, Individuality Profiling, and Skill Proficiency. Through in-depth career assessments, we delve deeper into your interests and aspirations, and provide you with exciting career options that align with your unique personality.

Career Counselling

With personalized career counselling sessions and in-depth career assessments, our experts help you discover your hidden strengths and uncover your natural inclinations. Our team of experienced professionals work with you to craft a tailored career plan that serves as a roadmap to your fulfilling career path.

Meet our dedicated team of Counsellors

With years of experience and a passion for guiding individuals towards success, our Counsellors are here to support you on your career journey. Let our counsellors be your trusted companions as you strive towards your career goals.

Vandana Garg

  • 5+ Yrs of Experience in Career Guidance.
  • Certified Career Coach by NCDA.
  • Expert in Parenting Guidance.
  • Proficient in Parenting Guidance
  • Masters in Public Administration.
  • Languages: English & Hindi

Hymavathi Garuda

  • 4+ Yrs of Experience in Career Guidance.
  • Certified Career Coach by NCDA
  • Expert in Student & Parenting guidance
  • Counseling Psychologist
  • Masters in Psychology& International Business
  • Languages: English, Telugu & Hindi

Renuka Bhuta

  • 4+ Yrs of Experience in Career Guidance.
  • Certified Career Coach by UCLA Extn California, USA
  • Expert in Student, Professional & Vocational guidance
  • Experienced in Educational Content Creation and Research
  • Bachelor’s in Commerce, Diploma in Airline and Travel Management
  • Languages: English, Hindi & Gujarati

Shanaz Rashid Hussain

  • 2+ Yrs of Experience in Career Guidance.
  • GCC Certification from Univariety & UCLA Extension
  • Expert in Student guidance
  • 20+ yrs of experience as an Educator and Ex-Academic Director
  • BA in English and Sociology
  • Languages: Hindi & English

Manju Panwar

  • 8+ Yrs of Experience in Career Guidance.
  • Certified Career Coach by NCDA
  • Expert in Student guidance
  • Dedicated Educator for over 10+ Yrs
  • B.Sc, B.Ed and Masters in Hospital Management
  • Languages: English & Hindi

Mansi Kejriwal

  • 10+ Yrs of Experience in Career Guidance and Research.
  • Certified Career Coach by UCLA and NCDA
  • Specialization in Career Planning, Development and Transition
  • Expert in Student and Professional guidance
  • MBA in Marketing & HR
  • Languages: English & Hindi

Ramya Yogesh

  • 7+ Yrs of Experience in Career Guidance.
  • Expert in Student Guidance
  • Expert in Career & Education Pathway Identification
  • Chartered Accountant with wide industry experience
  • Bachelor’s in Commerce
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil & Kannada

Saira Banu

  • 2+ Yrs of Experience in Career Guidance.
  • Certified Career Analyst recognized by BCPA, India, ACCPH,UK
  • Expert in Student Guidance
  • Chartered Accountant with wide industry experience
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Diploma in Management Studies
  • Strong Social Skills
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil & Urdu

Admission guidance

MentorMe simplifies the complexities of entrance exams and college admission with expert guidance. We'll help you identify ideal universities and colleges that align with your academic goals and career aspirations.

Study Abroad support

Our experts guide you in choosing study abroad programs that align with your academic goals, interests, and budget. We help students select appropriate programs, navigate the application process, prepare for admission tests (SAT | GMAT | GRE | IELTS ), and build profile for college admission.

Career Library

We offer a comprehensive Career Library, your one-stop resource for in-depth exploration of various career paths. Explore our Career Library for 250+ careers.

Industry Expert Sessions

Our exclusive Industry Expert Sessions connect you directly with leading professionals, offering a wealth of real-world knowledge and career guidance.

Mental Health Counselling

Our experts provide support to students to address anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health concerns.

Bridge Training

We offer a myriad of courses and programs designed to improve your academic performance, job-ready skills, and confidence.

Job Placements

MentorMe's job placement services provide a comprehensive solution that sets you apart. Our experts will help you tailor your resume and prepare for interviews.

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